Crédit Agricole joins Audencia’s CSR Chair

This Chair is intended to enable companies to seize the opportunities offered by transitions.

Crédit Agricole S.A. and Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée are joining the Audencia Corporate Social Responsibility Research Chair.

Its work focuses on two areas:

  • Supporting SMEs in integrating ecological transition and cohesion into the heart of their business models and strategies.

The in-depth study of the practices and issues involved in the sustainable transformation of companies, as well as the analysis of their “raison d’être”, will make it possible to propose forms of support and to assess their impact on the overall performance of companies.

  • Measuring the links between the sustainable transformation of companies and the territorial ecosystem

In particular, it will study how start-ups can be mobilised to support companies in the transformation of their business model, strategy and offer.

Alongside this partnership, André Sobczak, co-holder of the chair, is joining the Crédit Agricole Group’s scientific committee. This committee, made up of Bank experts and high-level scientists, is responsible for conducting research and providing input for Crédit Agricole’s climate strategy decisions. André Sobczak and Florence Touzé, also co-holder of the chair, are also invited to join Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée’s CSR commission.

For this research project, Audencia is setting up a multi-disciplinary team co-piloted by André Sobczak and Florence Touzé in order to deepen this theme over the long term. Members of the Audencia CSR Chair will also be able to call upon the complementary skills of Audencia’s permanent faculty, academic and professional partners, particularly internationally, depending on the selected themes and areas of study.

André Sobczak specifies the chair’s missions as they apply to this project: “Our role is to produce and disseminate knowledge that allows us to integrate the principles of social responsibility into the heart of economic models, strategies and management practices in companies. This knowledge will help strengthen the performance and positive impact of companies and their ability to seize the opportunities offered by transitions. We share with Crédit Agricole and the Chair’s partners the desire to encourage companies to commit in this type of approach, by sharing innovative practices, organising exchanges of experience and conducting studies and experiments to demonstrate the positive impact of CSR on competitiveness. Eventually, we study and develop ways of expressing responsibility and responsible communication”.

For Eric Campos, CSR Director at Crédit Agricole S.A.: “Crédit Agricole has long been committed to supporting its customers in the transition. Aware of its responsibility as the world’s leading cooperative bank and the leading financier of the French economy, Crédit Agricole is more determined than ever to work towards the energy transition. Our commitment to the Audencia CSR Chair is a new milestone, in line with our raison d’être: “Acting every day in the interests of our clients and society”. “

For the Crédit Agricole Atlantique Atlantique Vendée Regional Bank, its Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Gourmelon, recalls the reasons for its commitment: “The Audencia Chair reflects our desire to go further in providing responsible support to economic players in the Loire-Atlantique and Vendée region by relying on a pragmatic university and research ecosystem that is close to the business world”.

Pedagogical projects conducted with Audencia students will also contribute to the results. In this context, employees of Crédit Agricole S.A. and Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée may be asked to formulate a problem that will enable students to work on one or more concrete business cases related to CSR and the research project of the Audencia CSR Chair.

Crédit Agricole joins the major sponsors of the Chair (KPMG, ERAM Group, Sodexo, Nantes Métropole), as well as its patrons and founding partners (Côteaux Nantais, ENEDIS and Dirigeants Responsables de l’Ouest (DRO).