The Audencia Foundation was created in 2009, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, and in response to a major overhaul of Audencia’s financial model.

Its role: to contribute to the School’s development in France and internationally, and to enable future generations of students to access exceptional training programmes.

The Foundation supports the School in achieving its mission:

To train and support innovative and sustainable value creators. In co-creation with a wide range of stakeholders, Audencia produces and diffuses knowledge designed to transform teaching and inspire new business practices.

The projects supported by the Audencia Foundation can be categorised under the following themes:
• Social and cultural openness
• Entrepreneurship
• Teaching innovation
• Research

Since 2009


Million euros collected


Business patrons


Donor graduates and friends of the school




Founding members

“What could make more sense for an entrepreneur than supporting a management school in order to help develop future intrapreneurs and/or entrepreneurs.”

Jean-Paul SIRET
President of the Audencia Foundation
LNA – SANTE, Chairman and CEO, Founder

“The Audencia Foundation’s major initiatives – CSR, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – address the same concerns as those of CIC Ouest.”

Isabelle AROUN
CIC Ouest
Director of Resource Centre

“Our long-term commitment to the Audencia Foundation enables us to support innovative, educational, diverse and meaningful projects for Audencia, as well as L’Oréal.

Marianne PAUX
Director of Human Resources

Other members

“The Foundation accompanies Audencia as a responsible learning organization.”

WZB Berlin Social Science Center

“The values to which Audencia is committed, particularly in terms of the environment, are fundamental and are perfectly aligned with WWF France’s views and its journey.”

Marie-Christine KORNILOFF
WWF Fundation
Managing Director for the Economic World

We must give students the tools to innovate, allowing them to be daring and take action in a world that is changing at unprecedented speed. That’s why I support the Audencia Foundation, because it is actively contributing to these issues!”

Michaël Thoby – Graduate of the 2013 ExecMBA
President, Founder

Vincent BROYE – Graduate of the 1995 GE Diploma

“REALITES is committed to Audencia and its Foundation because we share common values such as social and cultural openness, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

CEO, Founder

“The sharing of experience and the dialogue with students and the academic world is an essential starting point in meeting our challenges.”

Damien Verdier – Graduate of the 1979 GE Diploma
Group Chief Strategy and Corporate Responsibility Officer

“The Audencia Foundation supports the School’s differentiating values and actively contributes to its development. The generosity of our donors is a source of great pride.”

Christophe GERMAIN