Founded in 2009, the Audencia Foundation has raised over 16 million € to support Audencia’s common good initiatives through research chairs and to promote equal opportunities for students through the scholarship program.

Did you know?

Even though donations from Alumni have doubled since 2019, only 2% of the Alumni network participate in the Foundation’s initiatives.
Imagine if we all gave a little, with our network of over 30,000 Alumni!

Since 2009, the Foundation has been supporting the School in achieving its mission: to train and support innovative and sustainable value creators. In co-creation with a wide range of stakeholders, Audencia produces and diffuses knowledge designed to transform teaching and inspire new business practices. There are several research chairs allowing synergies between the expertise of Audencia teacher-researchers and business leaders. Audencia Foundation supports projects under the following themes: Social and cultural openness, Entrepreneurship, Innovative teaching, and research.

Through its scholarship program, the Foundation has awarded more than 600 scholarships to students since 2009. These scholarships include: cultural diversity; financial hardship; and life grants for young entrepreneurs. In this current climate, the Foundation seeks to accelerate support for students and increases access to educational opportunities.

Our corporate partners fund our research chairs. For individual support, Alumni make up the vast majority of donors. Many relatives and friends of Audencia also support the scholarship program. Donations from individuals (Alumni / parents / friends of Audencia) represent 7% of the Foundation’s annual budget. When founded, the Foundation approached its historical business partners for corporate donations. In the past 5 years, the Foundation has invited the participation of its Alumni community to help support its students and we’re seeing increasing support year after year.

Your donation will be allocated by the Foundation to students identified as needing assistance due to financial hardship. The Fondation de France is responsible for all donations made by donors. When awarding scholarships, a collective committee analyzes the files of each candidate.

Financial developments in higher education and competition in France and abroad have pushed the Grandes Écoles to reinvent their business model. Twenty years ago, 25% of our budget came from public funds. Today it is 0%. The loss of public funds, the apprenticeship tax reforms and the need for investments to meet international accreditation standards are all reasons leading to increased tuition fees. The consequence of this increase is the phenomenon of self-censorship of students from modest backgrounds, who, to date, are not always eligible for the criteria for awarding scholarships.

Thanks to the Foundation’s partner programs in these countries, you can benefit from a tax deduction: Germany; Belgium; Spain; Switzerland; The Netherlands; Luxembourg.

Outside of these partner countries, you can donate to the Foundation but you are not eligible for tax deductions. However, rest assured that a donation, whatever the amount, goes a long way to helping a student in financial difficulty!

To cope with the sudden insecurity faced by students during the covid-19 crisis, the Foundation set up a Solidarity Fund in April 2020. Thanks to the mobilization of Alumni, graduates raised over 60k. More than 150 students received solidarity funds.

While isolation and financial difficulties have become everyday life for students, we are convinced that the Solidarity Fund launched in 2020 must be permanent. In times of crisis or not, it provides a concrete response to issues of equal opportunities and support for student living costs.

You, as a graduate, are the Foundation’s best advocate.

Share information on your social networks, organize a fundraising challenge within your class or Audencia community. You are also an ambassador within your company. Are there research themes or diversity programs that correspond with Audencia? Is your current business looking to hire interns or new graduates? Got an idea you want to share or want help organizing it?

Please feel free to contact Karyn, Development Manager – 

The Administrative Board includes 10 directors with representation from our founding members, LNA Sante, CIC Ouest and L’Oréal, as well as our partner WWF, graduates and renowned academic members. The Audencia Foundation is placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France, which guarantees transparency in the use of the fund while respecting the donor’s choices.

In addition to the good feeling that comes from helping others, you get a tax break as well!

66% of you donation is deductible from your income tax, on up to 20% of your taxable income
1,000€ donation will cost you 340€

75% of your donation is deductible from your wealth tax on amounts up to 50,000€
1,000€ donation will cost you 250€

60% of your donation is deductible from you corporation tax on amounts up to 20,000€
1,000€ donation on behalf of your company will cost you 400€