A unique business incubator

In association with two other higher education institutions, Audencia supports entrepreneurs as part of the Centrale-Audencia-Ensa Nantes Business Incubator. These three nationally and internationally renowned educational and research institutions in the fields of engineering, management, communication, design and architecture, are working together in order to create the optimal conditions for entrepreneurs to develop projects with high-potential.

The Audencia Foundation promotes the development of the business incubator with additional financial resources to create a specialised package of training, coaching and accommodation.

Jérôme Pasquet, Co-founder of 10-Vins and graduate of the 2006 MBA:

“10-Vins has developed a strong marketing strategy, for which Audencia offered specific support. The project also requires technical support: Ecole Centrale helped us to develop the D-Vine, our machine which ensures that wine is kept at the right temperature and which aerates it in 30 seconds. The business incubator has increased our credibility, and it really adds value!”

At the same time, the Foundation supports research projects on entrepreneurship by the School’s professors and grants scholarships to student entrepreneurs to give them a helping hand with developing their project.