Launch of the Solidarity Fund

Audencia Foundation has launched on April 15th a raising campaign until June 25th aiming 70 000€ to:

  • Help Audencia students who lost a job that allowed them to finance their living expenses.
  • Help students or their families who are facing harsh financial difficulties and who are not able to receive government aid.
  • Respond to the growing number of scholarship students, including international students in precarious economic situations.

The Solidarity Fund set up in 2020 by the Audencia Foundation raised more than € 60,000. Over 150 students have benefited from Foundation support.

Support our students

Again this year, faced with the growing and continuing needs facing our most financially vulnerable students, the Audencia network is committed to supporting our students.

We start the campaign with a strong participation from our Engaged Alumni – we have raised over 16 000€.  These Engaged Alumni have made a pledge to support the campaign for our students in need and to share the campaign within their network.  A huge thank you to these Alumni who show the strength of the Alumni network!

Philippe Serzec (GE 92), Co-Founder Cercle des Dirigeants
Sébastien Rouzaire (GE 91), Co-Founder, Cercle des Dirigeants
Sylvie Casenave-Péré (GE 81), Club Audencia des Dirigeants de l’Ouest
François Macé (GE 79), Club Audencia des Dirigeants de l’Ouest
Thierry Place (ExecMBA 07), Club Audencia des Dirigeants de l’Ouest
Michaël Thoby (ExecMBA 13), Club Audencia des Dirigeants de l’Ouest
Gilles Blanchard (GE 85)
François Blin (GE 87)
Jean-Arnold Coutareau (GE 94)
Isabelle Dauchel (GE 97)
Alexis Hacques (EAC 11)
Corinne De Severac (GE 85)
Lambert Doussot (GE 09)
Patrick Jolly (GE 85)
Robin Lapous (GE 16)
Eline Maurel (GE 02)
Cédric Picard (GE 12)
Guillaume Schoebel (GE 89)
Bruno Sivardière (GE 94)
Anne-Marie Leblais-Trochu (GE 78)
Gwenaëlle Valenta (GE 95)
Gisèle Saint-Eve Vauvillier (GE 89)