Mission Handicap

Audencia launches Mission Handicap to support students with disabilities at the time of admission, during their studies at Audencia and until their professional integration.

In keeping with its values and its long-standing commitment to CSR, Audencia has been implementing an inclusive policy for several years now, enabling all students with disabilities to enrol in one of its programmes and thus fully exploit their potential to achieve their professional goals.

The aim?

To enable a young person to benefit from personalised support and to have a fulfilling and enriching student experience.

To achieve this, Audencia offers accommodations adapted to each student’s situation:

  • Accessibility to our campuses
  • Adaptation of entrance exams
  • Recognition of disabilities
  • Adaptation of courses and exams
  • Scholarships for students with disabilities
  • Interface with teachers

To support this approach, the Audencia Foundation has set up a scholarship fund:

  • Scholarships dedicated to students with the RQTH (Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Worker). This scholarship represents up to 10% of the tuition fees.
  • International mobility grants to enable students with disabilities to spend their semester abroad in the destination of their choice without their disability being an obstacle. This grant helps to finance the costs associated with the disability abroad (medical care, return trip to France, accompaniment of parents, etc.)