Positive balance sheet for the Solidarity fund

On 5 May 2020, the Audencia Foundation launched a fund-raising campaign to help students affected by the health crisis. Supporting students in financially-insecure situations is exactly what our network, based on solidarity, is all about. Thanks to the combined efforts of our network throughout this unprecedented crisis, we have exceeded our target and raised over €65,800 – 158 students will benefit from the Audencia Foundation’s support!

“My internship was suspended and I lost my income, which I had been setting aside to help finance my university exchange programme abroad in 2021. Thanks to this financial aid, I was able to recuperate almost 1 of the 3 months of salary I had lost.”
Student, Grande Ecole programme, class of 2022

“I couldn’t find a job, I stayed at home during the lockdown and I have very limited financial means. Audencia’s funding has made me feel supported and appreciated. It has helped me to better manage the stress I was constantly feeling during the lockdown due to my extremely precarious financial situation.”
Student, International Master in Management, class of 2021