Two new appointments to the governance of Audencia Foundation

Audencia Foundation is a true support for the school in the completion of its missions and, more particularly, projects related to diversity, inclusion, entrepreneurship, educational innovation and research. In this context, and in order to assist with its development in the coming years, Didier Gaffinel, Deputy General Manager of Crédit Agricole CIB and graduate of the program Grande Ecole 1987 took over the Presidency of Audencia Foundation. He replaces Jean-Paul Siret, President since 2013.

A satisfaction for Didier Gaffinel who makes clear that his commitment to Audencia Foundation is the continuity of my deep belief in the school. My presidency started at a key moment in Audencia’s strategy with the implementation of its ECOS 2025 strategic plan.” In this context, the Foundation is going to be an actual accelerator of actions in favour of diversity and inclusion. By engaging with both companies and individuals, the Fondation will support scholarship programs, assist with the implementation of a unique social openness journey in France as soon as the school year 2022 starts, and launch the school’s disability mission.

Besides this new appointment to Presidency, a new administrator is about to arrive. Indeed, André Sobczak will soon integrate Audencia Foundation’s executive committee, in his new position of Secretary-General of Eurocities. By relying on his strong knowledge of research chairs, he will know how to link the academic dimension while staying alert to companies’ concerns. His new appointment in Belgium will bring a European dimension to the projects supported by the Foundation. He will replace Marie-Christine Korniloff, Deputy Director of WWF’s economic world, who spent 8 years as the Fondation’s administrator within the college of qualified personalities.

3 Questions for Didier Gaffinel, President of Fondation Audencia