The Parcours Sirius study path

The Parcours Sirius study path is a year’s foundation course proposed to high school pupils in the Nantes urban area and the rural zones in the Pays de la Loire and Bretagne regions once they have obtained a vocational high school-leavers qualification*.

Among these school leavers with vocational qualifications, many enter the world of work, sometimes by default, fearing that they will not be able to pursue studies in higher education. This free one-year foundation course gives them the opportunity to consolidate their skills and regain self-confidence.

And what about afterwards? On completion of the Parcours Sirius study path, students will have the opportunity to join, at a lower cost, Audencia’s Bachelor in Management, a degree-level diploma requiring 3 years of higher education studies. These young people will be assessed on the same admission tests as all students, but their applications will be monitored and reviewed separately.

*Tertiary sector: commerce, sales, management and administration, logistics and reception.

Study path content

From September to May, young people follow a course specifically designed to reveal their potential.

Reinforcement of educational achievements

Lessons in general knowledge, maths, geopolitics, economics, methodology (notetaking, organising your study schedule, etc.), writing technique, etc.

International outreach                                     

English lessons, second language, educational excursions and meetings with Audencia’s internationals students, educational travel to a European capital, participation in international events in the Nantes urban area, etc.

Personal development                                                     

Coaching by professionals to acquire knowledge of the professional world, HR support workshops, mentoring by students, training in public speaking, etc.

Social, cultural and professional outreach

Cultural visits, visits to businesses, mentoring by professionals, immersive training courses, etc.

Funded studies

The tuition fees for the Parcours Sirius study path are fully paid for by Audencia, via its foundation. Students can also apply for a living grant based on social and geographical criteria, to help them in their daily lives.

The scholarship students who join the Bachelor on completion of the Parcours Sirius study path will benefit from financial aid amounting to 90% for the first year of their studies and the maintenance of their living grants throughout their studies. They will then be able to follow their 2nd and 3rd years on an apprenticeship contract.

Free tuition fees

Living grants

90% tuition fee exemption for scholarship students

Living grants

Continuation of studies on an apprenticeship contract

Living grants

Sponsors’ involvement

Financial support

The cost of the study path is estimated to be 10 000 € per student per year and includes:

  • Educational engineering.
  • Teaching.
  • Living grants.
  • Trips (events and travel).

The financial support of our partners is essential for the development of the study path.

Human support

In addition to financial support, sponsors and individual donors can devote their time to students and bring their studies to life, by:

  • Participating in admission panels.
  • Mentoring a student.
  • Running workshops: HR coaching, testimonials about professions.
  • Organising visits to businesses.
  • Sharing professional opportunities.

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